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Wedding Cake Tips
  •  Do your homework; figure out your cake style start thinking about your cake once you have finalized your vendor, chosen your wedding colors and perhaps your invitations. It’s never too early to get ideas and check the bakery’s ordering timeframe.

* Choose your baker as soon as possible, your date may be available now but that all could change the next telephone call they get.

* Be prepared to leave a substantial retainer fee to insure the baker reserves the date for you

* Be prepared to be sticker shocked. Simple cake designs are the least expensive but could still range about $400-$500 for 100 people. The more time and complicated the cake design the more you should be prepared to pay the decorator. Cake designs may look simple however that is almost never the case. Think of it as if you were getting your car repaired, labor is always more than the cost of parts.

* Consider your cake placement at your reception. Look at the walls & consider the background for your wedding pictures. Are the fire extinguishers, plugs, restroom signs, ac units, etc.. in the background. Also consider how traffic will flow, a cake placed near the dance floor can be hazardous. Does a door open near the cake?

* Beautify your cake table for the best memories. Opt for a stylish table covering or decorations as simple as flower petals, tea light candles, gems or go all out as your budget permits. Often when a Venus says they will take care of your cake table, it’s just standard white linen with a colored napkin, although this is not horrible but try to dress it up a little as you’ll be happy you did.

* To help add several inches to the height of your cake, sit it on a cake stand and or pick a cake topper taller in height.

* To make your cake look unique & more expensive opt for combining different shapes together.

* Budget friendly ways to decrease the cost of cake & still look beautiful would be to opt for a smaller cake and have a table spread of cupcakes or perhaps use a cupcake tower with your cake on top. Opt for a smaller cake surrounded by dessert cakes. If your Venue charges for cutting tiered cakes, opt for separating your cake tiers & use cascading cake stands thus eliminating the extra cost.

* Decide who will be cutting your cake if your venue does not and make sure they have a cutting guide for the cake. Serving wedding/event cake is not the same as slicing a piece of pie.  Get a  Serving Guide

* Be mindful of outdoor weddings in the summer heat as Cakes and sweets melt easily in warm conditions. Sugar & fresh flowers can become limp, chocolate will melt and buttercream will soften. Fillings are not recommended and neither are dark color icings.

* Be mindful that dark color buttercream icings tender stain teeth, mouths and perhaps hands. Dark colors also tend to have a bitter taste due to the amount of color needed to achieve results. If you have dark colors in your wedding palate opt to incorporate the color in a ribbon, table covering or table decor instead of dark colored icing. Fondant icing is another option to consider using instead of buttercream for dark colors.

​*  Have a designated person to sign for your wedding cake delivery if you know you won’t be available to do so. Talk to your baker about this before your wedding day.

Trendy Cake Designs
Metallic Cakes| Ruffled Cakes| Naked Cakes|White on White Cakes
Painted Cakes| Lace Cakes | Rustic Cakes | Geometric Cakes
Rosette Cakes | Ombré cakes | Illustrated Cakes|Monogram Cakes| Themed Cakes

Cake Style Options
Traditional: tiered round/square, finished in white/off white icing, white piping detail or smooth finish with ribbon/flower. 

Contemporary/Modern: angled shaped, mix & match shapes for a modern edge.

Whimsical/Quirky: mix of 3 or more shapes, tend to be angled.

Non-Traditional: colored cakes, mix of shapes, theme encorporated, cakes with chocolate drips & berries, this could include naked/semi naked cakes, Art Deco and geometric designs and the like.

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   This information is provided to help you on your wedding Cake Journey. More can be found on our blog

The taste, flavor and texture of the cake itself is the most important decision
you will make when you order your cake. Although the outside will be great for pictures and to woo your guest, none of that matters if no one will eat it.​​

For wedding cake servings estimate approximately 80-90% of the number of guest you expect for the reception.

If adding a grooms cake, depending on size estimate serving 30-50% of your guest.

​​ It’s best to serve the cake right after dinner before guest start to get up from their seats to mingle, take photos, dance and began drinking alcoholic beverages, as sweets are not as favorable at his pointe. Some people who have gotten married will say “cake is a waste as no one even ate the cake at my wedding” and that’s more than likely because it wasn’t served at the right time or they ordered to much and didn’t take into consideration the guest that were coming.

Think about a time for your cake photos considering the information just given as the caterers need time to disassemble your cake and serve all of your guest. The sooner the cake is served the less cake if any is left over after the wedding.