Cake Stands & Plateau Rentals

Rent our Beautiful Cake Stands to help make your desserts the center of attention....

All rentals are for 3 days with a credit card on file or cash deposits. 

5 Tier Dessert Tower
Great for Weddings and other celebrations. 
Size adjustable for multi use. 
Full Size: Holds up to 90 Standard Cupcakes or 150 Mini’s
$25 Rental Fee

$75 Refundable Deposit
Multi Tier Dessert Stand
Silver Multi level Stand.
Great for Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake pops & more.
Use 2 or more for large events.
$10 Rental Fee

$40 Refundable Deposit
Crystal Bling Cake Stand
Beautiful 14” round Cake Stand.
Mirror glass top with crystal trim.
$40 Rental Fee

$75 Refundable Deposit
Seperated Tier Cake Stand
Beautiful romantic white cake stand.
Great for displaying your cakes separately.
Display sizes; 8;10;12 inch base
36in tall.
$30 Rental Fee

$65 Refundable Deposit
Royalty Embossed Plateau
Silver Metal 14” Square Cake Stand.
Beautiful Royal Scroll Design
4.75in tall.
$30 Rental Fee

$65 Refundable Deposit
Natural Rustic Cake Stand
Wood Slab 12” Round Cake Stand.
Organic shape natural wood.
24in tall.
$20 Rental Fee

$50 Refundable Deposit
Gold Bling Cake Stand
Mirror Glass Top with Crystal Trim.
Round 12” x 3.5in. tall
$40 Rental Fee

$75 Refundable Deposit
Faux Wood Cake Stand
Large 14” Wood Look Cake Stand.
4” tall. 
Great combined with the Natural Rustic Organic Cake Stand or use alone.
$20 Rental Fee

$50 Refundable Deposit
Rustic Glam Cake Stand
Large 18” Cake Stand 
Gold Mettalic Base with White Wash Wood Top.
3.75in tall. 

$40 Rental Fee

$75 Refundable Deposit