Corporate Events
The Starter/Superstar
6 Pack of Mini cupcakes, 3 flavor variety $16

​12 Pack of mini cupcakes, 3 flavor variety $28
The All Stars
24 pack of mini cupcakes, 4 flavor variety $36
The Latest & Greatest
Cupcake Towers
50ack/tray of mini cupcakes, 5 flavor variety $68
We will work with you to create a personalized tower, which is adjustable to match the size of your event. 
Life of the Party
100 pack/tray of mini cupcakes, 6 flavor variety $126
The Snack Pack
12 pack sampler of 6 mini cupcakes, 2 cake pops, 2 chocolate covered Apple Slices and 2 chocolate covered strawberries $40
The Party Pack
(Bundle of 12) 12 Individual packs of 4 mini cupcakes $90
Mini Cake Jars
Any cake combination packed into a jar. $6 (min order of 6)
We provide freshly baked desserts for a variety of corporate fnunctions from meetings, birthday celebrations, employee recognition and holiday office parties. Corporate gifts 

we can also work with you to create custom cupcakes and cakes with your company’s logo, individually boxed with custom ribnon color, gift tag or card. 

See our menu for cake & icing flavor options..